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Terms and Conditions



To confirm bookings, participants must make full payments prior to the conference. All registrations will be processed through our/partners' payment gateway. Upon successful registration, a confirmation email, along with a receipt and transaction details, will be sent to the registered email address. Onsite payment is provisional, and we are not responsible for accommodation in case of on-spot payments.

Early Bird Bookings/Registrations

To avail early bird bookings/registrations, participants must confirm their payment on or before the stipulated date mentioned on the registration page.

Registration Information

All information related to registration is available on the respective conference registration pages. Registration prices are subject to change based on slot availability and currency evaluation. Therefore, early bird bookings are recommended.

Cancellation, Registration Transfer, and Postponement

  • Due to security issues and increased measures and policies, participants are urged to apply for a Visa as early as possible.
  • Sciconx Conferences does not guarantee Visa approval, as it depends on regulatory authorities.
  • In the event of Sciconx Conferences postponing the event, a full refund will be issued or can be adjusted with any other Sciconx Conferences within one year of registration.
  • Sciconx conferences will not directly approach consulates or embassies on behalf of participants. We will provide required information in case of verification or legal requirements.
  • A letter of invitation will be provided after successful registration, serving as a supporting document for Visa applications.
  • Token amounts or part payments are not eligible for a refund until full payment is completed.
  • Hotel accommodation letters will be provided only to participants who opted for accommodation during the registration process.
  • For a letter of invitation, participants need to submit their Passport Information, including Passport Number, Date of Birth, nationality, Full official name, etc., before issuing the invitation, ensuring the security of the information.
  • When filling the Visa application, participants should apply for a Business Visa, specifying the purpose of visit as Business or Others (Attending Conference) as applicable.

Refund Policy

If a registered participant is unable to attend Conve International Pvt Ltd, a unit of SciconX, the following refund policy will apply:

  • Before 60 days: 100% refund
  • Within 30-60 days: 50% refund
  • Within 30 days: No refund
  • E-poster/ video presentation/ virtual participation: Non-refundable

The refund process typically takes between 5-7 working days from the date of refund initiation to credit the amount to the customer's bank account. During the refund process, gateway/transaction/service charges ($100) will be deducted from the registered amount. These deductions are due to advanced payments made for arrangements such as hotel booking, printing, and shipping of materials.

Please note that accommodating hotels have their own cancellation policies. and refunds are generally possible at least 30 days before the event. In case of accommodation cancellation, speakers are advised to contact us well in advance to avoid non-refundable deductions.

Transportation at Venue

  • Generally, we do not provide transport facilities from the nearest airport to the hotel or within the conference city.
  • If shuttle services are available, they will be informed during the registration process.
  • All transportation and parking fees are the responsibility of the participants and will not be reimbursed.


  • The registration fee does not include any kind of insurance from our end.

Professional Behaviour/Responsibilities

  • All participants are expected to dress professionally during the conference.
  • Participants are responsible for their belongings, and we are not liable for any theft or damage to personal belongings. However, we make efforts to ensure your safety.

Press/Media Access

  • No press or media are entitled to enter the conference premises without authorization.
  • Before accessing the conference, area or quoting any speaker or publishing anything related to Sciconx Conferences, prior written approval is required.