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Oct 09-10, 2024   10:00 AM GMT

Webinar onPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Early Bird Registration End Date: Aug 30, 2024
Abstract Submission Opens: Jul 01, 2024

About Sciconx Webinars

Sciconx webinars give precious openings for networking, literacy, and advancing scientific discovery through its commitment to excellence and invention. By easing interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, Sciconx contributes significantly to the advancement of knowledge and the development of poignant results to global challenges. At Sciconx webinars, we suppose that bringing together professionals from the assiduity, scientists, preceptors, and experts from each over the world can foster invention, knowledge sharing, and the disquisition of uncharted home in wisdom and technology.

A Desirable Organization

Sciconx Webinars is well- known for organizing outstanding scientific webinars, colloquies, and forums in colourful areas of exploration. We've the great pleasure of extending a warm hello to the Webinar on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, which will be held on October 09, 2024.


Under the theme "Exploring the new methods in brilliance of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation", together, we will claw into the multifaceted geography of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation webinar, exploring innovative approaches, arising trends, and transformative strategies to promote Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation well- being in an ever- evolving world

We Are Pleased to Have You Join Us

We're pleased to have you join us on October 09, 2024 for the webinars Activity and recuperation meetings, which promises to be an informational and life- changing event. Our vision is to produce a safe and inclusive space where open dialogue indications, smirch is challenged, and innovative approaches to forestalment, treatment, and support are explored. Our thing is to enhance the lives of those affected by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation issues on an individual and community position by promoting collaboration, advocacy, and education.

Objects of Our Webinars

  • Raise mindfulness about Webinar on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation issues and challenges.
  • Promote understanding and DE stigmatization of Webinar on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • give a platform for participating exploration findings and substantiation- grounded practices in Webinar on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
  • grease networking and collaboration among Webinar on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation professionals, experimenters, policymakers, and lawyers.
  • Explore innovative approaches and arising trends in Webinar on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation treatment and support.
  • Professional development openings, including shops, forums, and continuing education sessions.
  • Advocate for policy changes and increased backing to support Webinar on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation exploration, education, and services.

Categories of Participation

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Oral Presentation
  • Workshop
  • Special Session
  • Panel Discussion
  • Poster Presentation
  • Exhibitor
  • Media Partner, Sponsor, and Collaborator
  • Online participation

Who Are Going to Participate?

  • Healthcare providers
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Researchers
  • Academics
  • Policy makers
  • Activists
  • Industry representatives
  • Students
  • Trainees
  • Community leaders
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Individuals with lived experience

Connect with Us

We gladly welcome inquiries, responses, and collaborative applications. Please visit our website or send an email to to learn more about our webinars, sponsorship opportunities, and methods to get in touch with us.


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