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May 20, 2024   09:00 AM GMT

Webinar onNephrology

Early Bird Registration Date: Apr 15, 2024
Abstract Submission Opens: Apr 02, 2024

This May 20th, 2024, Webinar on Nephrology will explore the critical topic of access to nephrology care and emerging issues in the field from a global perspective. Nephrology is the branch of medicine concerned with diagnosing and treating kidney diseases. With growing populations and an aging world, kidney disease is becoming a significant public health concern.

The Nephrology 2024 webinar will address disparities in access to quality nephrology care across different regions. Experts will discuss challenges faced by low- and middle-income countries, and explore innovative solutions to bridge these gaps. The session will also delve into emerging issues in nephrology research, highlighting recent discoveries and promising areas of investigation and learning about the latest advancements in nephrology research that hold promise for improving patient outcomes worldwide.


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United Kingdom


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